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Workshop initiators and organizers:
Eszter Bircsák, Melinda Sipos – KIBU
Réka Matheidesz – WAMP

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
FabLab Budapest

Kitchen Budapest (KIBU) and WAMP launched an open call for young Hungarian designers to participate in a workshop and develop new projects with tutors Anab Jain and Jon Arden designers and co-directors at Superflux, a design studio based in London, UK and Ahmedabad, India.

The workshop challenged the current role of designers to contribute to the competitiveness of objects and services and encouraged them to design new solutions that can be potentially create the basis of new economies. In the course of the workshop four projects were developed and one has been chosen to be shown at Tent London Design Festival.

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Jon Arden designer, co-director, Superflux He is an interaction and user experience designer with an expertise in web development, Drupal open source content management system and skills in making and hacking. With an MA from the Royal College of Art, Jon has worked for a wide range of open source projects and startups including the now-famous citizen journalism site Demotix. His other area of interest and expertise revolves around sustainability.
Eszter Bircsák curator
She is an art historian and cultural manager, freelance curator who is interested in emerging technologies in contemporary art. Eszter has been working for KIBU from the beginning in different positions: coordination assistant (2007-2008), program supervisor (2008-2009) and project supervisor of education and curating (2009-ongoing).
Bea Csortán product designer, engineer (KIBU)
I’m a graduate student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where I’m attending Industrial Designer MSC right now. Nowadays I work on my Thesis, the topic of which is designing kitchen – and also a baby – scale for blind people. As industrial designer my motivation is to search for and solve real-world problems. What really interest me nowadays are also a global problems:
» environment-conscious living and thinking – to make people think and take action
» alternative energy sources – e.g.: energy harvesting of children/animal motion
» and Design-For-All mentality (for all: children, adults, blinds, etc.)
Zsófi Gerébi textil designer (MOME)
I am graduating from MOME fashion department this summer. I believe that making the world a better place starts with very small steps, like a dress that makes you feel pretty or an object that makes you smile. I believe in form fun and function. I love to watch the clouds on a hot summer day, and I love to lie down in the snow and I love to eat things I never tasted before.
Anab Jain designer, co-director, Superflux
Born and educated in India (NID), with an MA in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art, London, Anab is the Founder of Superflux. She has more than eight years of experience, having worked on strategic and speculative technology projects for a wide range of businesses, think-tanks and research organisations. She is a TED Fellow, and the recipient of several awards.
Márton András Juhász biochemist and new-media artist (KIBU, FabLab Budapest)
Bio_logic: University of Sciences Szeged / Molecular biologist: biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics;prev.workplaces: University – SZTE TTiK, Hungarian Academy of Sciences – MTA SZBK, Beike Biotechnology, Institute of Robot Research – NeoRobot; interests: experimental music, neurocybernetics, robotics, chaos;
Júlia Káldy textil designer (MIE, MOME)
I love design, art and food the most but somehow I hate sharks I am afraid of them very much. I am graduating this year in MOME’s Fashion Department, Leather Faculty. I love new things as well. Specially if this new thing makes the life more joyful and happy
Sári Kele designer, product designer (BME)
I’ve studied aesthetics, anthropology, architecture, photography before becoming a designer. I’m still driven by curiosity, so I am always experimenting and mixing disciplines in my work. I’m in a constant process of repairing objects and altering my surroundings. I love riding my bike even in the craziest Budapest traffic. I think about Barcelona ever since I’ve lived there a bit.
László Kiss interaction and sound designer (KIBU)
I was born in 1981 in Hungary. I graduated in 2009 at the Creative Music Technology department of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. My aim is to alter the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts using sound and machine. I am a sound and interaction designer, electronic musician programmer technocrat, who is currently a senior researcher at Kitchen
Réka Matheidesz founder and director of WAMP.
She has graduated as an economist, but works in the design scene since 2006. She believes that designers and creative people need good platforms to turn their creativity into econimic value, Therefore she founded WAMP, a design fair and creative hub for young designers to establish closer links between customers and designers.
Dani Pifkó designer (MOME)
My name is Daniel. I study product design, and I can’t get tired to play with LEGO as yet. I love the water, especially the rain in summer. I don’t like the trifler works, the immediate changes makes me feel happy. Sometimes I am very lazy.
Farkas Pongrácz designer
I like every way of simplicity, I like the pure constructions. I like to use as less material, as it possible, to reach the maximum functionality. I like the way of Scandinavian thinking, the letters, the lights, photography, industrial materials, bicycle, and a many other things, and the beer. I have graduated at Sopron AMI, and I finished this year the Moholy Design Grant with a lamp collection.
Apor Püspöki designer (MOME)
I like the birds. I like Rome and Budapest. I like the wind on the coast. I like laughing with my friends. I like to play the acoustic guitar, to hear his sound. I like to drive a car and everythig with wheels. I like solve design problems simply. I like the practical, basic things to see, to use and to design.
Melinda Sipos artist, new media designer
She works currently as program advisor at Kitchen Budapest. She studied glass design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, followed by a New Media Design post-graduation course in Paris (École Nationale Superieure de Création Industrielle). As the program director at KIBU she helps foster a collaborative environment by directing cross-disciplinary operations and encouraging an inspiring and productive atmosphere.
Anna Vidovszky designer
“I’m a product designer who love to make sushi, but can hardly keep a plant alive. If I could travel by train everywhere I would, I often find an old factory building more inspiring than an exhibition. And I was once told by a guru, that I’m clearly creative because of my weirdly long toes!”
Jon Arden
Eszter Bircsák
Bea Csortán
Zsófi Gerébi
Anab Jain
Márton A. Juhász
Júlia Káldy
Sári Kele
László Kiss
Réka Matheidesz
Dani Pifkó
Farkas Pongrácz
Apor Püspöki
Melinda Sipos
Anna Vidovszky
The main focus of the Play4Power project is to come up with a creative solution with the help of which we can recycle the kids' energy and turn it into electricity. In order to achieve this, Play4Power has designed a special unit that can be put on to each and every playground vehicle. For the exhibition, we have installed the generator unit on a running barrel, in order to introduce the project in a spectacular and interactive way.
Watergate is a concept for setting up a tax free zone boat based in the Free Trade Zones along the Danube. Free Trade Zones are special areas along the Danube in romania and Moldova where tax free trade can be exploited. The boat gives opportunities to creative start ups to set up businesses, turn their creative outcome into economic value by trading without taxes. The boat also has a small management office dealing with the trading process, offering legal and commercial advice to start-ups.
Alguna is a concept of water plant based guerrilla gardens next to abandoned fishing piers along the river Danube. These could be ideal places for growing edible water plants. Luckily these vegetables don't require any special treatment, only deep enough water, a little soil and light. These plants usually need around 100-600 mm deep water, so many types could be planted around a pier and in special plant boxes on the riverbank.
Free Flow is a concept about a local pirate radio in Budapest along the river Danube. We think this is the perfect timing to actually start Free Flow, since our media-policy is very strict and almost fully monitored. our radio is a 100% percent rebel (pirate) radio, we are not planning asking for any permission to broadcast. This radio and it's community is fully against the current legal communication possibilities.